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Introducing the Self-Made Squad:

A Pioneering Social Initiative by Olivia Carr

In a ground-breaking move to empower small business owners in Australia, renowned entrepreneur and author, Olivia Carr, announces the launch of the Self-Made Squad.

This transformative initiative is set to provide free hands-on guidance and support to small businesses across the nation, addressing critical aspects including self-made mindset, mental health, financial management, branding, customer care, PR and marketing, sales, and more.

The Self-Made Squad is part of the larger Self-Made Academy, a free online community offering a wealth of resources, a supportive community, and expert guidance to small business owners, with a special focus on those navigating challenging times or seeking additional assistance.

Olivia Carr, the visionary behind this innovative venture, expressed her excitement about the impact the Self-Made Squad and Academy are poised to make. "Small businesses are the backbone of our economy, and they deserve every opportunity to thrive. The Self-Made Squad brings together a team of experts committed to lifting these businesses to new heights, while the Self-Made Academy is a hub for ongoing learning and community support."

Given the current economic challenges faced by small business owners, the launch of the Self-Made Squad and Academy couldn't be timelier. With the ongoing impact on the economy, small businesses are experiencing unprecedented strains, not only on their financial stability but also on their mental health.

Olivia Carr recognises the need for immediate, practical support, and the Self-Made Squad is poised to provide just that.

This free social impact initiative is fully funded by Olivia's own brand, Shhh Silk, under their giving program, embodying their brand ethos of "doing good is in our DNA." Through this generous commitment, Shhh Silk aims to contribute to the resilience and success of small businesses, emphasising the importance of community support and empowerment.

The Self-Made Squad, comprising the entire Shhh Silk team, will dedicate a day every month to support small business owners. Olivia Carr's personal workforce will provide expertise across all divisions of the business, giving entrepreneurs access to a level of support that may be beyond their reach at present.

The Self-Made Squad initiative is set to make a tangible difference in the lives of small business owners. The Squad will delve deep into the unique challenges each business faces, providing tailored solutions and expert advice.


Small businesses interested in applying for the Self-Made Squad's free support are invited to fill out an application form below.

Selected businesses will have the opportunity to host the Self-Made Squad for a full day of personalised mentoring and support, free of charge.