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Self-Made Spark: Your Hour Mentoring with Olivia
Self-Made Spark: Your Hour Mentoring with Olivia

Self-Made Spark: Your Hour Mentoring with Olivia

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Ignite your entrepreneurial journey with "Self-Made Spark: Your Hour with Olivia." This one-of-a-kind phone mentoring session offers you exclusive access to Olivia, the author of "Self-Made" and founder of Shhh Silk, for personalised guidance and support anytime you need it from anywhere across the globe.


  1. Expert Guidance: Tap into Olivia's wealth of experience as a successful entrepreneur and author. Receive personalised guidance tailored to your specific business goals and challenges.

  2. Inspiration on Demand: Get motivated and inspired whenever you need it most. Whether you're facing a roadblock or seeking clarity on your next steps, Olivia is here to provide the spark and encouragement you need to keep moving forward.

  3. Convenience: With "Self-Made Spark," mentorship is just a phone call away. Enjoy the flexibility of scheduling sessions as needed, without the commitment of a long-term mentoring program. Just add the session to your cart and our team will be in touch to book your session. 

  4. Actionable Insights: Gain practical strategies and actionable insights to accelerate your business growth. From marketing tactics to mindset shifts, Olivia will equip you with the tools you need to thrive in today's competitive landscape.

  5. Empowerment: Take control of your entrepreneurial journey with confidence and empowerment. "Self-Made Spark" puts the power of mentorship in your pocket, giving you the support you need to achieve your dreams on your terms at the time you need it.

Ready to ignite your entrepreneurial journey with Olivia? Add your Self-Made Spark session to your cart today and take the first step towards building your big life!